CHANGING IDEA: Elinor practiced for the whole night and lost her voice, so Olive and Ari told the class that they needed to reschedule the singing for the day after the next day because Elinor had lost her voice. On the next night, as you can see, there are six parts (the 6th one is probably new.) In the first part, then some part of the song was sung at dinner, and the second part in the bathtub (which was new) the third part, the bedroom, the fourth part, the bathroom (where Elinor brushed her teeth, not where the previous bathtub was.) The fifth part, playing in the bedroom, and finally part number six, in the bed, and then at 8:30 p.m., it was sleep time.

WARNING: Jorge Chan and Daniel Whiteson cannot edit the following part:

No Need to Shout (ending)

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