The Camping Version

by Jonas Y.


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“Big room for Nick and Sally, huh?” asked the cat. Bad luck Nick and Sally are sad and disappointed because their new toy had run out of batteries. They went up high. They went down because of the water problem. So they all went all the way down until Things 1 and 2 came! Then they went back up, with Thing 1 and Thing 2.


After disliking water problems, the Cat in the Hat got a fishbowl for Fish and was in a bake sale. They baked muffins, pies, apples, and cookies. They went on a camping trip with cats A B and C and Things 1 and 2. The flower was a little wet. Then, after disliking water problems, they were trying to get another flower for Fish.


The EFHILTil liked the art they had made. They were nice and warm now. Then, cat B pitched their tents when they were shocked. But, Cat C had no WI-FI! “I think he wants to take a picture of the sunset,” they said. They all shouted, “OUR TENT!” Fish screamed. “IT WILL BE DARK SOON!” “WHERE SHOULD WE SLEEP!!!???” They had an idea. They Should Rebuild A Tent. But how do they rebuild a tent? Hmm. Maybe we’ll come back to that.


FACT: Make a path through the sky. Make sure to avoid the clouds and the Mad Cow. HINT: Help the Pigeon escape the Mad Cow. Make sure to avoid the trees and the broken bridge! But first, color the forest! They decided to use sticks and everything blue to make a bed. Then everyone said goodnight to everyone. While back to Ballard, they thought about flying. Then they all had a goodnight’s sleep. Have they heard about the F and the J key? The F and the J key have little bumps so you can feel them. Plus there was Jae. have like art. Out of service and to terminal mean the end like trains or buses because no people are riding on it and in plus and bus plus on.


HINT: If you cannot type Spanish words, you can ask a grown-up to help you view your keyboard layout. They went back to the Thingamajigger. The Thingamijigger is called a Thingamajigger. So they made a raft. They sang Row, Row, Row Your Raft. They had a ladder. Fish is such a good swimmer. They had helped. Sally and Nick swam and swam. So, they had not made it up yet. “Now Sally and Nick, take one last picture,” said the Cat in the Hat. “Thanks for going on a camping trip with us,” said Sally and Nick. “And all cats A B and C are done fixing it,” said Fish.

The End