OZONE-Piercing HIGHWAY weasels 3 Game Level 7: obvious mistakes

by Leonidas Oxby

illustrated by Christina Neist and Sally and Nick Frebokkcs

KeysJingling books keysjinglingbooks.com


Verdana and her freind, Welbus, went for the record. Verdana put Welbus in the bath. He turned on the red mark. When Welbus turned to the red mark, it looked okay. Syncopate, Pinker, Alp, and Sa cannot wait to swim. Franc and El thought that Georgia thought that Pinker was turning green. Alp tripped in the mud. Alp said goodbye to El. Alp and Roc donated a bunch of dollars. $1000,250,000,000,000.89. That was one thousand two-hundred-fifty million dollars and eighty-nine cents to buy a cuckoo clock for the KQFC. Pinker was not feeling well because he was sick while he flew so Franc and Am helped him feel better. Scampo got stinky cheese and El said no when he was offered it. El was purple and Bi Blu thought that Yo thinks that El was orange! There were big, large jars that had Georgians of peas in them.


All the monsters say thank you to Sa for completing the Academy lessons! Bi Blu saved Scampo. Scampo tried to answer Verdana’s word that started with T. “Tatterpillar?” asked Verdana. “Not a word,” said Scampo. “Teetertotter?” asked Verdana. “A seesaw,” said Scampo. “Tiger?” asked Verdana. ”A word, a toy animal. We could put it in a  big paper bag,” said Scampo. They were in building number 72. It had a chair for them to sit on. Pinker said, “Did you get me the flying trapeze?” “You know, sorry, but the store doesn’t carry circus equipment for some reason, folks,” said Scampo. Ab, Sher, Roc, Tutt, and Pinker came back in the door. El found 89 coins! Number 356!? The monkey shrieked! Why was train number 9 passing train number 7? Bill had to wait for train Number 7 to arrive. The trains were out of order. Train Number 356 passed train number 5. Train number 7 arrives at 3:00. The trains were out of order again. Welby and Verdana rode on train number 345. 44 people rode on train number 995. Train Number 995 said, “Sorry, train full.” The train was full and not any other people have ridden on it.


This was a little bit of a messy job. They were safe. Number 6 was at the end of the track. The day ended at 4:59 PM to the FM at 8:32 AM. They thought AU can make an O sound. And Y can make an E sound. U can make an A sound UY can make an I sound. 7 an E and N-word. George, Bill, and Ma, and Jeff joined them. They were traveling. At 8:30, 9:30, 9:45, 10:00, 10:15, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45, 12:00, 12:30, 1:00 and 1:30, they were at school. At 4:09-9:29, the bell rang at 4:10-9:30. After using the hockey game party, they ate a 4-four-piece peanut butter-jelly-hummus-pita sandwich. George the monkey thought the warning bell wasn’t going off. Last present. The light was out, but that wasn’t so bad. Under the bed, they were doing nothing. Andy was just a little bit excited. At UD, they took the Number 271 train all the way there. The next stop was 1st St?? Number 6 was sort of out of order again! Number 9 passed Number 7. The stationmaster switched Number 2 right of the way so Number 1 can pass. A GJJJJGJJJ is a place you can see in. GJJJJGJJJ gets things. Like a Power Ball, 20,000,000, a Mega Millions, 42,000,000, LOTTO, 3.1,000,000, and HIT5, 140,000. Except.  Power Ball has a snake. Mega Millions has ants.


LOTTO has LOTTO-expensive-treasure…., hi-tech…. raccoons?…. HIT5 has toys and other stuff. “What’s happened? Where’s George?” asked the professor. Just then, 11-48 people came. 59 people came. Just a little different-difficult. Uh, he’s about to pass out of communication range. “George, we’re going to be out of contact for a few minutes.” said the professor. They hoped he wasn’t too scared of being alone and out of contact. He’s coming back into communication range again. The trains were out of order. “You’re in the position to return home. George, pull the lever now to fire the propulsion rockets. George, pull the lever now or you’ll be out of position.” said the professor. It beeped faster and faster. “What happens if he pulls the lever late?” asked the man. He could land anywhere, the top of a mountain, the North Pole. “George, pull the lever now!” said the man. The stupid 5:55.28 to George. This word is a maybe, a smart monkey. George was a station master. How could this be? Beautiful things would happen.


At 1:54 PM, on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, they turned off their cameras. Even with peanut butter and jelly sandwich, even that ends with a hummus and pita sandwich at the floormat. It made leads to trouble. They were happy and excited. They were happy having a lot of time eating sandwiches. Someone left skates in the recycling center. The package place was closed soon. But MDS was closed and George was locked in. They were harder. How tough can this be? This sandwich fits and that sandwich doesn’t. The time is the ride in the time and to make it on time. They needed to show up on time. George’s changing the clock caused them to miss a ride on the Ruffweek blimp. Kilómetro está aquí depués autobús. The five moved into position, followed by 8, 7, 9, and 6. Then, 7, 5, 6, 8, 9. The thing that it looked is 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 356. George was a stationmaster! They fought on their jelly sandwiches. They had a sandwich-fight! “Great Northern Railroad! Are you trying to cheat me, Clint!?” screamed the stationmaster. Was it a little tough? This was exciting. George had never been to the train station before! It was one of George’s favorite things of and in the country… his toy trains and running his own railroad.


George still wanted to be a Station Master, but as at that’s and at’s all, he could offer a 1-one-piece sandwich. Cutting sandwiches in half only made leads to trouble in and for a smart monkey.

The End

This is the end!