Division Champs

Division Champs 


by Arthur Dewin 

illustrated by Joe Chesswears 

First of all, Division Champs Soccer 5 was what all 53 alpha blocks enjoy a lot. They were trying to stack, but… they all fell. All the alphablocks’ letters were backward. NINTENDO SWITCH games come from SUPER Nintendo from AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN. 

The CBeebies with the regular Cbeebies, when all the alpha blocks were born in 2017, were carried by a stroller. When they were getting undressed when all the 53 alpha blocks took one bath every day while coming through the airlock, the hallway was the airlock. Lemonade stands sell lemonade for making them. It said gee whiz at fall. 

Together, the 53 alpha blocks were trying to submit a crossword puzzle. Playing Division Champs Soccer 5, they were trying to stack again, and they all fell again, but… their shirts were too wet, so they decided to put on new shirts, but their shirts were in the smoke detector. So, they decided to get their shirts out of the smoke detector. Then, all 53 alpha blocks were clean. 

The other 49 alpha blocks made up a trap, and letters T, R, A, and P made a word, but…

THEY WERE STUCK IN A TRAP!!! The two alpha blocks A and P, felt sad and upset because they were all stuck in a trap. Between that, they had to see that alpha blocks A and P were very sad and upset that they were all stuck in a trap. But, the other alpha blocks helped alpha blocks A and P feel better. 

Then all 53 alpha blocks said joyously, “Ok, time to pop off.” When all 53 alpha blocks popped back in, they heard the amber alert, but not unfair. They do many things, plus they enjoy swimming a lot, so all 53 alpha blocks decided to swim.           

The End