Bob’s Burgers Season 16

S16 – E1: Come Back To Normal, You Two: A Time Travelling Live-venture (twice as long)

When Gene and Louise try a new ice cream, it suddenly reverts them back to when they were babies, so they have to eat it again then throw it out to prove that the maker was a jerk. Meanwhile, Teddy helps Jimmy Pesto make a giant pizza.

Running Gags:

Building Next Door: Rake 113 Rake Outlet

Pest Control Truck: Water Those Bugs? Liquid Trap Exterminator

Burger of the Day-Bradley Cooper’s Super Burger

S16 – E2: Are You There, Siblings? It’s Me, Tina

When Gene and Louise fall in a hole that makes them get to a new world, it’s up to Tina to save them, which leads to Louise losing her confidence. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda decide to replace their old oven, so they go to the oven shop next door.

Running gags:

Building Next Door: We’ve Got All Ovens Oven Shop

Pest Control Truck: Are You There, Bugs, It’s Me, Trapper Exterminators

Burger of the Day-Dr. Ranchlove Burger (comes with ranch)

S16 – E3: Two Things to Worry About: Tina Herself (1)

Louise and Gene catch the flu and Tina has to walk to and from school herself, and Gene and Louise sleep in Louise’s bedroom and had a flu dream like her just like in S7 – E1. 

Running Gags:

Pest Control Truck: None

Building Next Door-Blank

Burger of the Day-Bed, Boil, and Beyond Burger (comes with hard-boiled eggs)

S16 – E4: Two Things to Worry About: Mission Impossiburger (2)

Bob and Jimmy Pesto’s restaurants switch up, making it “Bob’s Pizzeria” and “Jimmy Pesto’s Burgers”, making it mission impossible to get it back to normal again, unless the signs switch back.

Running gags:

Building Next Door: Blank

Pest Control Truck: None

Burger of the Day: Bed, Boil and Beyond Burger (comes with hard-boiled eggs)

S16 – E5: A Wet Floor Sign

Some customers at the restaurant accidentally slip as a result of an accidental oil spill on the floor. Meanwhile, everyone’s locker at Wagstaff is mysteriously empty.

Running gags:


Pest Control Truck: How Very Special are Bees? Pest Control

Burger of the Day- “BTS” Burger (comes with bacon, tomato, and spinach)

S16 – E6: Burgersquatch

When Bob orders new burger buns in the mail, he realized they don’t have sesame seeds. But then, he thought it was a good idea and starts to ask if customers want sesame seed burgers or anti-sesame seed burgers. Meanwhile, Tina teaches Louise to headstand and hand hang upside down, while Gene wears his sasquatch mask and burger suit.

Running gags:

Building Next Door: Cinnamon Roast Crunch Cinnamon Roasting

Pest Control Truck: White Mice Can’t Jump Pest Control

Burger of the Day: Relish is Kind of Radish Burger (comes with radishes and relish)

S16 – E7: Frond, Where’s My Chair?

When Mr. Frond’s chair is mysteriously missing, it’s up to Gene, Tina, and Louise to help him find it. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda tell Teddy about a broken bicycle they found in front of the restaurant.

Running gags:

Building Next Door: Furious Large: Large Stuff

Pest Control Truck: Ants Out Of My Pants! Exterminators

Burger of the Day: Big Yumma Burger

S16 – E8: Where Did That Ice Come From? (twice as long)

After winter ends, there’s still some ice in front of the restaurant and Louise slips on it and breaks her leg, causing Linda to call the ambulance. Meanwhile, Bob recieves an unmarked package in front of the restaurant after danger cones are put around the extra ice and talks to Mr. Fischoeder about the package. After Louise breaks her leg, Bob finds out the way to home is up stairs, so he replaces it with a ramp, which leads to the restaurant grand re-re-re-re-re-opening.

Running gags:

Building Next Door: Dr. Stainlove Dry Cleaners

Pest Control Truck: Stepping On Ants Is Good Smasher Exterminators

Burger of the Day: Soy Story Burger (comes with soy sauce)

S16 – E9: We Have to Get It Before Vacation

When the delivery truck breaks down, Bob, Linda, and the kids have to order that item from a store before their summer vacation trip. Meanwhile, Jimmy Pesto orders new pizza crusts.

Running gags:

Building Next Door: Carl’s Dune, Yer Dune Bulding Sets

Pest Control Truck: Firebugs For Your Home Fire Exterminator

Burger of the Day: Tap Your Transit Chard Burger

S16 – E10: Which Way to the Outlet?

When Gene and Louise are lost in the city, they can’t find their way to Ocean Avenue so Linda has to help. Meanwhile, Bob asks Tina to be his temporary assistant while Linda, Gene, and Louise are gone, which leads to some burgers having the wrong ingredients, which drives away customers.

Running gags:

Building Next Door: Trans-Ink Art Supply Ink Refill

Pest Control Truck: That’s What Bee Said Exterminators

Burger of the Day: Pie in the Shade Burger (comes with a pie slice)

S16 – E11: Escape From Logan

Louise and Gene are left at home because Tina had another mishap that lead her to detention, which leads to Logan chasing Gene and Louise again, so they go to the oven mitt shop next door and ask them to build two big oven mitts in one so that they’re in the same place, with a zipper so they can get in and out, and a floor and cutout so they’re safe and can see where they’re going and can breathe air, then do a big plan to scare Logan. Not to mention that the oven mitt is waterproof!

Running gags:

Building Next Door: Putin’ On The Mitts Oven Mitts (repeated from S14 – E4)

Pest Control Truck: Spider-Ban Exterminators

Burger of the Day: I Only Have Fries For You Burger (fries on the burger)

S16 – E12: The Sick and the Dead

When Gayle is pregnant, Bob, Linda and the kids check on Gayle at the hospital, making Linda have a relationship with her own sister.

Running gags:

Building Next Door: Sloppy Those Cleaning Products

Pest Control Truck: Freaky Fly-day

Burger of the Day: Color Me Radish Burger (comes with radishes)

S16 – E13: Take a Pants on Me

When Gene gets new underwear, he wonders what he’ll look like later on. Meanwhile, Bob decides his old “topless” and “bottomless” burgers should have no top or bottom buns, and he even makes his own “bunless”!

Building Next Door: Who’s Dead, and Who’s Dead-Dead-Deady Crematorium

Pest Control Truck: Butterfly Away Exterminators

Burger of the Day: Bunless Burger (comes with no buns)

S16 – E14: Sometimes Everybody Needs a Yelping Hand

When Old Yeller is heard yelling, Linda has to come help the kids. Meanwhile, Teddy helps Bob take piano lessons.

Building Next Door: Steam is Life, Life is Steam Stovetop Store

Pest Control Truck: Steel Bugnolias Exterminators

Burger of the Day: Limeade Love With Your Body Burger (comes with limeade as a serving)

S16 – E15: These Hoots Are Made For Stalking

An owl’s hooting is keeping the Belcher family up at night.

Building Next Door: Sometimes Everybody Needs a Kelping Hand Oceanography Class

Pest Control Truck: What I Spike About You Spike Poker Exterminator

Burger of the Day: None. Takes place in the home.

S16 – E16: Red, White and Royal Bob

Bob tries to draw the American flag, but he couldn’t put all 50 stars in a 10×5 order, so he asks the kids to help. Meanwhile, Linda wants to get new glasses.

Building Next Door: Buggy Driver Animals’ Driving School

Pest Control Truck: So Bugs Think They Can Dance

Burger of the Day: Guggenlime Burger (comes with limes)

S16 – E17: Saved by the Shell

When Tina finds a golden shell, she wants to show it to Jimmy Jr. to impress him. Meanwhile, like how Bob makes a Burger of the Day, he decides to make a Burger of the Year.

Running Gags

Building Next Door: The Wicked, The Dead

Pest Control Truck: Pest Side Story Pest Control

Burger of the Day: A River Runs Through Cinnamon Burger (comes with cinnamon)

S16 – E18: Die Hard or Work Trying

Louise’s wheelchair accidentally crashes, and she bites her tongue, making her unable to speak. Meanwhile, Gayle’s twins come out in the hospital, so everyone sees them. Although Louise couldn’t speak, Tina and Gene have to translate her.

Running gags

Building Next Door: A River Runs Through Sweat Very Cold Pools

Pest Control Truck: I Bug Your Pardon

Burger of the Day: Sloppy Joe You Think You Can Dance Burger (Sloppy Joe-themed burger)

S16 – E19: The Marriage Fact

After Gayle’s twins are born, she has to find a husband, and suddenly finds Teddy to be the father of their twins. (NOTE: Louise can speak again in this episode.)

Running gags

Building Next Door: Do You Think You Can Dance? Dance Class

Pest Control Truck: The Pest’s Nest Nest Trap Exterminator

Burger of the Day: The One, One Fry, One, One Galaxy Burger (like a birthday cake but a fry is the candle and the cake is the burger)

S16 – E20: Mission Impos-stove-ble (The Nightmare On Christmas Morning)

When the gas goes out on Christmas, the Belchers have nothing to do but cook with fire or eat cold food.

Running gags

Building Next Door: The Last Shout On The Left

Pest Control Truck: Last Fly-day Night T.G.I.F. Exterminators

Burger of the Day: None (takes place in the home)