From the makers of Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice

By Quood Croo

 Illustrated by Melgole Schedule

Chapter 1 – No Babies Allowed

“One mistake could be me that was done with that flagpole in my game,” said Wallace, riding on a cow next to the house door. “What’s a flagpole?” asked Alice, up the stairs. “How can I help you today?” asked Jane up to the brief room on the 17th floor of the one hundred and one floors of the house. At seven o’clock, they watch all the fireworks. And they saw Wallace with a 2-month baby.

The baby squealed. She rumbled a few pages.

Wallace said, “Baby, do not hurt the nice magazine! No babies allowed!” The baby rumbled a few more pages and a few more and a few more and ate one. The baby ate a few more pages. The baby ate all the pages of the magazine.

Wallace screamed, “HEY! SHOULD I CALL 911?” Wallace started to call 911 and 911 started to remove the baby from the tall house. So Rayedeap thought a baby lived outside of the house door. The baby had been taken to another house or place. So Wallace would call 911 again soon. Rayedeap now thought the baby was in another house.

Chapter 2 – In Alphablocks and Numberblocks Costumes

Rayedeap was the first to wear costumes while cosplaying with friends. Mister Cramganon was living in their house in Kramagung-Calliope-awesome-Falkor. To grip, they wore all different kinds of costumes. They were ready to unblock the Lock Autos from Netflix so that Netflix works better.

Chapter 3 – Start of Kitchen

They were making chile products, chili, and cóctel. They made cóctel, chili products, and chili.

Chapter 4 – Chili

Growing up, chili for them was always a red-style chili made with ground meat. But when they got older and they had green chili with chunks of pork in it, their heads exploded. It was their favorite thing to make all time.

Chapter 5 – Pork And Salt

So they went to the bowl with plastic wrap for easy cleanup labeled PORK. They cut it into slabs and cut it into big 1 ½ inch pieces, and some of them were a little wonky-sized. They went to the can labeled SALT. They measured 1 tablespoon. They put the salt pork in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Chapter 6 – Parkwater Trimmings Fat

They were the first to put the pork water trimmings fat in the Dutch oven, they were now taking a look at the vegetables.

Chapter 7 – Tomatillos

Fresh tomatillos were GREAT but canned tomatillos ALSO work well here. They measured a pound and a half.

Chapter 8 – Rinse Tomatillos and Vegetables (The Pork Is Sizzling!)

It would take another 5 minutes. They went to the vegetables that needed prep.

Chapter 9 – Broil at the 575-degree Broiler Wolf Oven

Rayedeap was the first to cook with the FRESH TOMATILLOS, don’t need to cut them in half, and a JALAPEÑO for a little kick of heat, and POBLANO PEPPERS, and some GARLIC and an ONION. They broiled the vegetables for ten minutes, took a look at the pork, poured off fat, and took a look at the vegetables. They peeled the black stuff away after it cools down for extra flavor.

Chapter Ten – Pulse the Vegetables

They pulsed the vegetables. They waited until there were no lumps. They added spices like 1 tsp oregano, tsp of ground cumin, ⅛ tsp cinnamon, pinch ground clove! They added sauce, bay leaves, sugar, salt, pork, and pepper and cooked it in a 325-degree oven, testing the doneness of the pork.

Chapter 11 – Rest Chili for Ten Minutes and Toast Tortillas (Like in Pride and Prejudice)

They rested the chili, toasted tortillas for about ten seconds. They added ½ cup of cilantro, fresh and tasty!

Chapter 12 – Chili Products

Jane was the first to make the all-kind chili products. First up, Goya Diced Green Chiles. Most brands are not spicy enough. Second up, Imported Goya Pepperocini. They are Italian, usually Aneheims. Third up, Chipotle Goya Peppers in Adobo Sauce, tomatoes and garlic juice. Whole jalepeños, smoked and dried.

“Whatcha waitin’ for?” asked Rana up the front stairs.

“Who’s birthday is today?” asked Connor near the front door trying to get a new magazine that had the same title in a magazine stand and went to the front door.

They now went to the chili powders. They went to Morton and Bassett, their top rated. First up, chili powder, a blend. Next up, Ground Ancho Chile. Last but not least, is the cayenne, the spiciest thing.

“Enjoy the heat!” said Jane.

Chapter 13 – Cóctel

Alice was the first made up for cóctel. First started with 1 ¼ pound large shrimp, peeled and deveined and cooked with three cups of water boiling with shrimp. Next, shrimp in an ice bath and Shrimp in the bowl to stop the cooking process. First 3 tbsp lime, ½ c ketchup, 2 tsp hot sauce, 1 c V8. Now shrimp, onions, salt, salt for shrimp, avocado, cilantro, lime squeeze, more HOT SAUCE and tasted!

Chapter 14 – Connor’s Apollyon Birthday Party

When Connor came through the front door, they moved to Rayedeap’s Meadowpark Party (RMP.)

“Where are we going to?” asked YardApe Danny to Connor and Robert. So this is a Connor and Robert book.

“Happy birthday”, said YardApe Danny to Connor. Wallace and Alice also came for 25-cent lemonade. They opened the door for the party. They brange their Alexa 2nd Gen.

They said, “Alexa, open Mad Libs.” Zii, Jane, and Zig veer selling near the front door. Woke up to join marty! They began to sing happy birthday to Connor next to the front door. They waited till Little Bingley waited out of the bath right near the front bathroom door.

First, they were breaking up a piñata and singing happy birthday while playing drums and drinking lemonade right near the front door to Connor. ¶Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Connor, you belong in a zoo. Yay!¶ sang YardApe Danny.

Connor said, “Did it say gee whiz???”

Chapter 15 – Ring-Pool

When the girls and boys sang happy birthday again on Connor’s 34th birthday, they gave her a Magic 8 Ball. Connor was the first to play Ring-Pool. The losing players fall into the wading pool, but the winners swing on the rings! Once Ever the swimming force, the better the acitt.

Chapter 16 – Chop the Gop

While chopping Gop cilantro, they looooooooved a lot of it. Turned on or off lights. Changed water temp.

Chapter 17 – Don’t Overmix

Salt, pepper, sugar, and ocean water will be SUPER DIAGONALES. DO NOT OVERMIX. They referred to page 394.

Chapter 18 – More Subscriptions For Today

First subscribed or unsubscribed videos they use for, they saw a girls layup area and a boys play area. V8 VISCOSITY is the channel. So, in chapter 1 Wallace called 911. Weave on chapter 19.

Chapter 19 – Weave

We’ve lived right at YardApe Danny’s house in THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. We and Welbus were taking a bath. THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST is a bath rain, spicy food. Rodrigo and Samin were busy at PALERMO.

Chapter Twenty – FROOT LOOPS and Frooty Yum Yums

“Amazon is a GREAT place to shop,” said Rodrigo. They shopped at amazon to buy a smart home device. They used the smart home device to use their Alexa Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick, played by Jack Ryan.

License Oregon only allows 6 letters, but not Washington.

Chapter 21 – Acid

Tangier the tomatoes look, the thicker they should be. Fried tomatoes use kosher. While they muted and thicker, they muted their Ecgoh. The thicker the green chilis farook.

Chapter 22 – You Can’t Make This Up

Things you can’t make up are GREAT, GREAT, GREAT to plant. So when they played Cocomelon, they made music.

Chapter 23 – Rodrigo Helps Samin At Six Hundred And Thirty Degrees

Samin ate REALLY spicy food with LOTS of jalapeños so Rodrigo helped Samin. Lots of logos came on the screen. After ninety-degree angles!!! For sale to buy, CORN TO BUY! Yeah!

Chapter 24 – No-dumbmean


From the front door, they saw blocks in the bath near the front door. “Hi Grandma!” said kid Amy. “I just want to call you if your refrigerator is running,” said Amy to Grandma.

They dropped in. “Hi Dan and Meg,” said Amy. Amy added, “Is your refrigerator running?”

Dan and Meg said, “Yeah it’s running a little cold today.”

Chapter 25 – Micheal Finnegan

The Michael Finnegan Song went as Micheal Finnegan for turtle eggs. For little red wagons, it was painted into a little blue wagon.

A crooked man went to a crooked house or ment.

Chapter 26 — Last Chapter of Part 1 (This Book Has 4 Parts)

Growing up, I thought salt belonged in a shaker at the table and nowhere else. For $7.99 a month. Should I sign you up? I went to Walgreens for a gel pack/pad. I’ll sign you up.


Chapter 27 – First Chapter Of Part 2 (Stories About Me)

I listened to my audiobook. For RSW and DTR and ECWP, the Eekor Commercial Water Programs My friend Connor went on a birthday. So, Join Connor! Join Connor on her trip. When you join Connor and Beanie, Beanie makes Connor’s cake. SUPER-HOT PANS do not grab!!!

Chapter 28 – Baby Cabbage

Baby Cabbages, tacos, burritos, and more are ALL IN THE SAME MEAL! There was a part “yawn my sleepies out” and I screamed, “WAIT!!! IS THERE REMAINING TIME LEFT!!!???” and a scream from Wallace: “HEY! SHOULD I CALL 911?!!!!!!”

Jokes are in the great channels V8 VISCOSITY and GRAVITY CHANNEL.

Chapter 29 – Chococake

Choco Cakes belong in burritos. 206-362-3829, 503-544-4996, 498-572-6268, 231-165-2651, and 274-496-6238 went to the house. So Anne red frew. Opera Fone and The Song That Never Ends. Opera Fone sang,

¶Yes, it’s the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on, my friends. So people started singing and we didn’t know what it was.¶

Chapter Thirty – Bamackador & Kookaburra

Some Tigerbird FROOT LOOPS made their stomach feel better. GREAT CHOICE!

Chapter 31 – More About Me

The parts of your body are like meat or pork or ham or beef. Mopertreadserpad in a great gadser is a retro Foo Foo Goo. So great choice!

Chapter 32 – Words

Lords is which city I grew up in Tennessee. Flamenco is what city I moved to in Mississippi.

Chapter 33 – Flamenco

Once I moved to Flamenco, I made a lock. The name of the lock was Mr. Lock. In Flamenco, I made a water tub. All blocks enjoyed the water tub.

Chapter 34 – Cuisinart

The best food processor I have seen. Gumtree! So what’s my favorite TV show, Quood? Catastrophe! Quood, is that correct? NO IT IS YOUR FAVORITE! Couple two you’re up!

Chapter 35 – Your Mister Bumblebee Bringing Home

I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee. Won’t my mommy be so proud of me? I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee. Ouch! It stung me! I’m squishing up the baby bumblebee. Won’t my mommy be so proud of me? I’m squishing up the baby bumblebee. Ooh! It’s yucky! I’m wiping off the baby bumblebee. Won’t my mommy be so proud of me? I’m wiping off the baby bumblebee. Now my mommy won’t be mad at me!

Chapter 37 – Every Skechers S Sport

Skechers S Sport (SSS) is my own grand 5-star brand of games that’s my favorite.

Chapter 38 – Alexa, What Is The End Of Little Fires Everywhere and Alexa, What Am I Holding?

What am I holding and what is at the end of Little Fires Everywhere? We do not know. Wait hey! Can I use my Echo Device?

Chapter 39 – Getaway

Getaway is a funny list. Echo buttons are a control for your Echo.


Hattie Off Onlineoffline is a quty poiuy. Waswq fnu! Quarrel fights are dumbfights.

Chapter 41 – The Longest Chapter: Roof Style Order Fixing

This is so long and has 79 steps!

1. Sewt
2. Select grocery list
3. Select style
4. Go to Alexa
5. Go to Yogurt Milk Juice
6. Cilantro all up
7. Love it
8. Go to the Alexa app
9. Go to Settings
10. Select Fire TV
11. Link Echo Device
12. Select Fire TV Stick
13. Boom!
14. Boom boom!
15. Ain’t it great to be crazy?
16. Hummus
17. Red
18. Stake down
19. Hold up
20. Gull
21. Sleep on
22. Sleep on scorpion
23. Turn on/off light
24. Don’t faint
25. Read books
26. Check manual.
27. Trade meals
28. Eat meals
29. Honey Cilantro
30. Eat melas
31. Fix froo again
32. Getgrocery
33. Read
34. Show everyone
35. Non-dark yet
36. Chain
37. Good chaps
38. The chicken dance
39. Door
40. Football
41. Poil
42. Yefsi
43. Audible
44. Sign up for Apple
45. Sign up for Audible
46. Little Fires Everywhere
47. My Father’s Dragon
48. Rotten
49. Reddress
50. Delerastrade
51. Trewdserta
52. Trews
53. Play Games
54. Gahame
55. Qua
57. iPad iPhone iPod
58. Wes
59. Tred
60. Redst
61. Repeat
62. Get better
63. Margunard
64. Shine Grey
65. Mister Sun Oh Golden
66. Bat pirate
67. More Than
68. Eat
69. More Than Thirty Years
70. Tig
71. Tie
72. Little Red Little Blue
73. Thermostatthermometer
74. Couple two
75. Catastrophe
76. Benamytonybenmomjeff
77. Call
78. Fix roof in steps 1-77
79. Toast and roof is fixed!

Chapter 42 – Not so long

Alexa, what am I holding? It looks like you are holding Bug Club Alphablocks Phonics Set 12 Stuck In A Trap.

Chapter 43 – Garlic Clove

Garlic Clove to save up to 100% off your savings to get plus 80% off your free trial.

Chapter 44 – A nice tub

Nice=great. echo=alexa. prime=amazon. tub=bath. words=itititit!

Chapter 45 – Save Up for A Million Dollars – Geico Saving

GEICO helps you save up to 1 million dollars. In Hothothot by Sesame Street, they sang, She’s Hothothot!!! And I said, “Like more than 385 degrees!”

Chapter 46 – 46 Chapters Left!

This book has 92 chapters, and I have 46. Keep writing at your speed! So call the doctor!

Chapter 47 – Pride And Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is my ultimate favorite TV show.

Chapter 48 – Ultimate Fave

Ultimate Fave. Hi! This is Chapter 48. I almost finished Part 2 and then I did Part 3 and after Part 3 I did Part 4. Part 4 is my last part. I already completed Part 1.

Chapter 49 – Yum So Good!

I love to bake FISH COOKIES Kelloyg’s brand and also CHOCOLATE CHIP, also Kelloyg’s  brand.

    Chapter Fifty – 2 chapters left!

    2 chapters left in it. After I do this, I do 3.

    Chapter 51 – Kiboomu

    Kiboomu Little Bunny Foo Foo from The Kiboomers The Floor Is Lava, love them.

    Chapter 52 – Last Chapter Of Part 2 – Style of Salt

    Growing up, I thought salt belonged at a shaker at the table and nowhere else. Styles of salt are very fancy.

    PART 3

    Chapter 53 – More Salt Styles

    Kosher, table, sea, moshio.

    Moshio, sea, table, kosher.

    Kosher, table, sea, moshio.

    Moshio, sea, table, kosher.

    Chapter 54 – Amazonbasics

    Love shopping at Amazon. Love to go there. My Nintendo Switch has 391 photos!

    Chapter 55 – Earmuffs


    A and P are sad and upset and they got help with C.

    Chapter 56 – Echodevice

    Echo Devices are amazons.

    Chapter 57 – Brown

    Browned beef onions veg.

    Brown veg onions beef.

    Chapter 58 – More than 75 Million!

    75 million songs for Amazon Music Unlimited!

    Chapter 59 – Hard to Find Diamond Crystal

    Garbanzo Bean diamond crystal IS VERY SUPER HARD to find.

    Chapter Sixty – Way Pulse

    I dreamt that I was cooking in Kavor and Tatum. Cooking for chili beans, I listened to a hundred Alphablocks/Numberblocks Songs.

    Chapter 61 – Alltriap

    The hundred Alphablocks/Numberblocks songs were what I will love and the Alphablocks/Numberblocks Song. Alphablocks/Numberblocks Song Whee! Pop Down the Waterslide Bathwarm.

    Chapter 62 – Alphablocks/Numberblocks Take A Warm Long Bath For 5,832 Hours

    Cats make nonfat low good 2% milk yogurt juice low fat.

    Music Warey Flow.

    Chapter 63 – Gameplay

    Save 75 million songs li!

    Chapter 64 – No Wasps

    I like no wasps.

    Chapter 65 – Peter and the World with Carter

    Carter and Peter are west of Wasp Town.

    Chapter 66 – Auntie Store

    Susan came to my home making chili and stew. Stew for Dad.

    Stew was what Dad liked. And this chapter is longer than chapter 41. Don’t know but I can try. Signing up to your account. 89 mins later. Qu18. High Turnip. So when you love you, gook allgookj. BUILT TO BE EATEN. LUNCHABLES.

    Susan LOVED my chili. Susan also LOVED my stew. I went to a museum. I watched fireworks. Loperwa1! Hi! Hello, I am ready!

    Chapter 67 – Hello! More About Susan

    Susan is my neighbor. Che. Gloria. Susan. Che, Gloria and Susan watched me.

    Chapter 68 – Quilt

    Susan did more! On top of spaghetti. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Funfunfun!!!!!!

    Chapter 69 – Souvenirs, Catastrophe, and Jackryan

    Island to visit.

    Chapter Seventy – Pulse

    Red Solid Mute. Redflash Problems Orange Setup. Yellow Unread Miss. Green Call DropIn. Bluespin Startup Bluepoint Listen Bluepulse Figure Purple Error Purple DND Enabled. White Adjusting Volume. Finally white spinning light Away Mode.

    Chapter 71 – GEICO

    I don’t care for GEICO. Pooj. Used to have GEICO. Now I have PROGRESSIVE.

    Chapter 72 – Mary Ruth’s Organics and Operta Fone

    This is dsuvhjdhgfhjgfhjgfj.

    Chapter 73 – More Operta Fone

    Egg Beaters and Operate Phone from Amazon. Lunchables are built to be eaten.

    Chapter 74 – 18 Chapters Left

    After 4 chapters I write the next 14. On top of spaghetti. All covered with cheese. No one wants a spaghetti problem with meatballs in a tree.

    Chapter 76 – Eggs


    Chapter 77 – Onemore


    Chapter 78 – Last Chapter Of Part 3 – Law Element

    The Law Element is called Oganesson. Oganesson is fancy, whereas Rutherfordium is darker. Open your refrigerator!

    PART 4

    Chapter 79 – Leaftree

    Quaker Sedwhxgft xrbjghkjvjhgfhjgfhuxgbfhndfkjgergerkwlejfksjresfgrdifrjrehrhr.

    Buttermilk Panna Cotta With Berries And Honey. Good Good Good Good Good Good.

    Chapter Eighty – Pulseagain

    Zootopia is my song.

    Chapter 81 – Kelloyg’s

    FROOT LOOPS from Kellogg’s.

    Chapter 82 – Kemp

    Love Kemp.

    Chapter 83 – Quaker

    Quaker makes the best cookies. Love em’.

    Chapter 84 – Plant

    Plant is great. Love Plant.

    Chapter 85 – Poolreward

    I am a poolreward called Best Animal Songs and Playtime Favorites. 7 More Chapters To go with you to play in the waterpool. Merry christmas. I love Christmas merry. Android.

    Chapter 86 – More Operta Fones

    Opera Fines are nice.

    Chapter 87 – Sewaddle

    5 chapters left!

    Chapter 88 – No Overcooking

    Send the story to Uncle Matty.

    Chapter 89 – Ms. Melody and Bath

    I was in a Splishsplash Beerbutter Bath with my other kids.

    Chapter Ninety – Pipe

    Love pipes.

    Chapter 91 – Finish One Google

    Save up to a million dollars.

    Chapter 92 – Rest Chicken Thighs 175

    Let sit for 5 min.

    The End

    Thanks for reading.