You’ll need:

List of things:
Big bowl
Pot lid
Alphabet book
Bag of letters
Endless Worplay Alphabot
Word Maker

Step 1: Put the letters in the bowl.
Step 2: Put the alphabet book in the bowl.
Step 3: Cover the bowl with the pot lid.
Step 4: Draw a trapezoid for the mouth of you robot with the markers. Circles for the eyeballs, and squares for the eyes.
Step 5: Draw the rest of the mouth with the markers and add colored dots.
Step 6: Add the 4 sticks and tape them for the arms and the feet.
Step 7: Add the tape.
Step 8: Add a backpack.
Step 9: Add the word maker to the hook.
Step 10: You are finished!


Made from: Monster Went And Ate My Red Two