OZONE-Peircing HIGHWAY weasals 3 Game Level 7-obvious mistakes by Leonidas Oxby illustrated by Christina Neist and Sally and Nick Frebokkcs – KeysJingling books keysjinglingbooks.com.org

Verdana and her freind, Welbus, went for the record. Verdana put Welbus in the bath. He turned on the red mark. When Welbus turned to the red mark, it looked okay. Syncopate, Pinker, Alp, and Sa cannot wait to swim. Franc and El thought that Georgia thought that Pinker was turning green. Alp tripped in the mud. Alp said goodbye to El. Alp and Roc donated a bunch of dollars. $1000,250,000,000,000.89. That was one thousand two hundrend-fifity million dollars and eighty-nine cents to buy a cuckoo clock for the KQFC. Pinker was not feeling well because he was sick while he flew so Franc and Am helped him feel better. Scampo got stinky cheese and El said no when he was offered to it. El was purple and Bi Blu thought that Yo thinks that El was orange! There were big, large jars that had georgilians of peas in them.

All the montsers say thank you to Sa about completing the Academy lessons! Bi Blu saved Scampo. Scampo tried to answer Verdana’s word that started with T. “Tatterpillar?” asked Verdana. “Not a word,” said Scampo. “Teetertotter?” asked Verdana. “A seesaw,” said Scampo. “Tiger?” asked Verdana. ”A word, a toy animal. We could put it in a big paper bag.” said Scampo. They were in building number 72. It had a chair for them to sit on. Pinker said, “Did you get me the flying trapeze?” “You know, sorry, but the store dosen’t carry circus equipment for some reason, folks,” said Scampo. Ab, Sher, Roc, Tutt, and Pinker came back in the door. El found 89 coins! Number 356!? The monkey shreiked! Why was train number 9 passing train number 7? Bill had to wait for train Number 7 to arrive. The trains were out of order. Train Number 356 passed train number 5. Train number 7 arrives at 3:00. The trains were out of order again. Welbus and Verdana rode on train number 345. 44 people rode on train number 995. Train Number 995 said, “Sorry, train full.” The train was full and not any other people ridden on it.

This was a little bit of a messy job. They were safe. Number 6 was at the end of the track. The day ended at 4:59 PM to the FM 8:32 AM. They thount AU can make an O sound. And Y can make an E sound. U can make an A sound UY can make an I sound. 7 an E and N word. George, Bill, and Ma and Jeff joined them. They were traveling. At 8:30, 9:30, 9:45, 10:00, 10:15, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45, 12:00, 12:30, 1:00 and 1:30, they were at school. At 4:09-9:29, the bell rang at 4:10-9:30. After using the hockey game party, they ate a 4-four-piece peanut butter-jelly-hummus-pita sandwich. George the monkey thought the warning bell wasn’t going off. Last present. The light was out, but that wasn’t so bad. Under the bed, they were doing nothing. Andy was just a little bit excited. At UD, they took the Number 271 train all the way there. The next tops was 1st St?? Number 6 was sort of out of order again! Number 9 passed Number 7. The stationmaster switched Number 2 right of the way so Number 1 can pass. A GJJJJGJJJ is a place you can see in. GJJJJGJJJ gets things. Like a Power Ball, 20,000,000, a Mega Millions, 42,000,000, LOTTO, 3.1,000,000, and HIT5, 140,000. Except. Power Ball has a snake. Mega Millions has ants.

LOTTO has LOTTO-expensive-treasure…., hi-tech…. raccoons?…. HIT5 has toys and other stuff. “What’s happened? Where’s George?” asked the professor. Just then, 11-48 people came. 59 people came. Just a little different-difficult. Uh, he’s about to pass out of communication range. “George, we’re going to be out of contact for a few minutes.” said the professor. They hoped he wasn’t too scared being alone and out of contact. He’s coming back into communication range again. The trains were out of order. “You’re in position to return home. George, pull the lever now to fire the propulsion rockets. George, pull the lever now or you’ll be out of position.” said the professor. It beeped faster and faster. “What happens if he pulls the lever late?” asked the man. He could land anywhere, the top of a mountain, the North Pole. “George, pull the lever now!” said the man. The stupid 5:55.28 to George. This word is a maybe, a smart monkey. George was a station master. How could this be? Beautiful things would happen. At 1:54 PM, on Wednesday January 6, 2021, they turned off their cameras. Even with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich even that ends with a hummus and pita sandwich at the floormat. It made leads to trouble. They were happy and excited. They were happy in having a lot of time with eating sandwiches. Someone left skates in the recycling center. The package place was closed soon. But MDS was closed and George was locked in. They were harder. How tough can this be? This sandwich fits and that sandwich dosen’t. The time is the ride in the time and to make it on time. They needed to show up on time. George’s changing the clock caused them to miss a ride on the Ruffweek blimp. Kilómetro está aquí depués autobús. The five moved into position, followed by 8, 7, 9 and 6. Then, 7, 5, 6, 8, 9. The thing that it looked is 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 356. George was a stationmaster! They fighted on their jelly sandwiches. They had a sandwich-fight! “Great Northern Railroad! Are you trying to cheat me, Clint!?” screamed the stationmaster. Was it a little tough? This was exciting. George had never been to the train station before! It was one of George’s favorite things of and in the country… his toy trains and running his own railiroad! George still wanted to be a Station Master, but as at that’s and at’s all, he could offer a 1-one-piece sandwich. Cutting sandwiches in half only made leads to trouble in and for a smart monkey.

The End This is the end! Creative Kids Learning Center Seattle 2015 (Year I was born) by Jonas Y. For more books, visit keysjinglingbooks.Com/xer9g5. It is a little bit of Com.Org.

Chapter 0 Giraffe Table In the Giraffe Table, there are lots and lots and lots of toys around it. Chapter 1 Bookmobile We visit the Bookmobile every Thursday. ALL books must stay at school. Chapter 2 Warming Up On Wednesday, we had a surprise fire drill and running on the bike road while warming up. Chapter 3 Cooperative Play Patterns are in a game of vertex. The games are called: The Mini, The Crossword, Tiles, Spelling Bee, Sudoku, Vertex, and Letter Boxed. The hint for The Mini acts as “The Mini Crossword.” Chapter 4 Community Helpers We see C47494P, C47497P, or C47498P, C23450S, or C26617B or B71662C to see whatever of those garbage trucks to see rattling down the street.

Chapter 5 Maneuver #1 5 is less than 7, 30 is greater than 25, 58 is less than 68 and 3 is greater than 99! What? 3 is not greater than 99? No! 99 is greater than 3! 498 tickets to go. And they were all out of tokens. Then their ticket total was 998. Then 999. Then they won 1000 tickets! The kids all won a thousand tickets and their highscore was 340404. They used their skills instead of leaving it to our chance, and now they got enough for their stuffed gorilla! Chapter 10 5th Ave NE & NE 145th While helping washing the dishes, some woman, moms or girls love Disney Princess. Chapter 11 Mountlake Terrace Freeway Station Bay 7 Jonas and both his parents were going on a long drive to Lynnwood to look for furniture stores. Chapter 12 Lynnwood Transit Center Bay D2 What if all the kids think that Sally and Nick are sad and disappointed and mad that their new toy batteries have run out plus the Thingamajigger runs out of Go-Go-Go juice. Chapter 13 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Thingamajigger Abnormals Photograph The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thingamajigger abnormal photograph was super amazing. Chapter 14 Almost to Chapter 28, but twice chapters as Chapters in Chapter 7 We had 3rd NW notes to talk to us and connect with us. Chapter 15 Ash Way Park & Ride Bay 2 First there is a green A button. Second there is a red B button. Third there is a purple C button. Fourth there is a blue X button. Fifth there is a yellow Y button. These are the 5 buttons on the controller and there five colors: Green, red, purple, blue, and yellow. Chapter 16 South Everett Freeway Station Bay 6 Everett is exciting to see in your whole life. Chapter 17 See Chapter 13 For real, Leonidas, Dominic, Erik, Jonas, Preston, and PeterJandrie are piled up on the slide! All six boys fell down and Ms. Gloria asked, “Are you alight?” The six boys echoed, “We’re feeling fine.” Then the six boys took a bath. Chapter 18 Classroom Bathtub 2 The 2ND classroom bathtub is for large group time. Chapter 19 Maneuver #16 If Maneuver #75, Maneuver #74 and Maneuver #73 was long, it was long to be, and three humans, named Leonidas, Julian and Jonas said, “Oops, we’ve better fix that. We just cannot leave holes in there.” Chapter 20 Telling The Time At alexaing time, they were being flexible and calm and were playing cooperative play. The kids play cooperatively. Chapter 21 Staying 6 Feet Apart If we were using the cubbies, they would be COVID-safe. But the cubbies are not COVID-safe. So that means we need to stay 6 feet apart. Chapter 22 Community Helpers Community helpers take out the garbage and we see a garbage truck rattling down the street! Chapter 23 Community Lumberjacks Sometimes we do not know what Alphablocks, Numberblocks, and lumberjacks are. Chapter 24 The City of Northgate When adding -ins, we can remove the E, change the digraph -ice into a Y, and double the final consonant. Chapter 25 A Really Close-Up Flower, Fruit, Soup, Or Even Shoes Dementional things were hard to do. Chapter 26 Sink When using the sink, you can wash your hands. Chapter 27 Morning Drop Off A little separation anxiety is not uncommon or unexpected for children starting or returning to preschool. To help your child handle their emotions we recommend you keep a positive attitude, letting your child know you will be back at pick up. Before long, your child will be settled right on his or her new routine. One morning Evan, wrote a letter to her Mom, when she was sad at drop off. Ms. Amanda, was able to write the words down and Evan colored in the inside. Chapter 28 House Area Girls work in the house area. Chapter 29 Outside Time During outside time, on the monkey bars, Cherry and Dominic taught Christina and Jonas how to hang upside down from the bars. Chapter 30 Outside Time Chores In the picture below, Leonidas, Dominic, Erik, Jonas, Preston and PeterJandrie are piled up on the slide! This has become a favorite activity and offers an opportunity to practice having safe bodies even when space is limited. Chapter 31 Empathy Annalist and Kahyliah were practicing jumping rope when the rope accidently hit Kahyliah. Annalist dropped the rope, asked Kahyliah if she was alight, and the two hugged before returning to their game. Chapter 32 Walking In The Woods Bruno and Kirby found berries. Chapter 33 Passing Pumpkins are about the same as costumes. Chapter 34 Flying Hills are really steep. Chapter 35 It’s Cold In Here! Out in the winter, it was cold weather. Chapter 36 Baking Cookies After a pantry, teachers cook in the kitchen area. Chapter 37 Thwarted Search Backpack containers where you can find the end of 17-23-38- and 47-Across are lunchboxes. Chapter 38 Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To When you use a greater than/less than/equal to symbol to compare numbers, the open wider side points to the bigger number, and the smaller side points to the smaller number. Chapter 39 North, South, West, East, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast At International District/Chinatown Station, and King Street Memorial Center, there is South Main Street. Chapter 40 International District/Chinatown Station and King Street Memorial Center Lumberjacks, Numberblocks, and Alphablocks are all blocks. Chapter 41 Downtown Seattle, Fremont, Ballard, Crown Hill Only, Northgate, Lake City, and Northeast 125ht Only After a trip, we thought of Steve the Kiwi, Ruffs the Flying Squirrel, Janice the Rabbit, and Zone the Hedgehog. Chapter 42 A School of Fish We swim underwater. Chapter 43 Capitol Hill and Wallingford 44 minus 1 equals 43. Chapter 44 University Washington Stadium, University Washington Medical Center, and Ballard and Seattle 32ND Ave Quickfires and elimination have a finale. Chapter 45 University District, East Green Lake, Loyal Heights, and Greenwood The transit centers are: Issaquah, and Northgate. Chapter 46 Phinney At Phinney, Jonas and his mom turn right at N 50ht St and turned right again to take the I-90 East Ramp and came all the way to Issaquah and got off one stop too early. Chapter 47 3rd, 4ht, 5ht, 6ht, 7ht, 8ht, and 9ht Classroom Bathtub Good girls and boys go in the bathtub. The good boys and girls to the talking. The girls talk about Disney Princess, but the boys talk about the Avengers. Chapter 48 The Seven Continents In the Earth there are seven continents. Chapter 49 Science, Math, and Paps Science is where you work really hard. Math is where you add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers and compare numbers. Chapter 50 Paps We were watching Arthur and along the Cookie Jar pap you can watch Arthur along the Cookie Jar pap if you want. Chapter 51 Issaquah Issaquah is really far southeast of the classroom. Chapter 52 24ht Ave NW and NW 65ht St Jonas and Leonidas said, “We like art.” “uvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvw.” Jonas and Leonidas added. Chapter 53 24ht Ave NW and NW 70ht St We do not like red, yellow, and orange monkeys, blue dogs, and red pigeons. Chapter 54 24ht Ave NW and NW 75ht St After a quick trip back to the pantry, teachers make food. Chapter 55 24ht Ave NW and NW 77th St The Elephant and Piggie Artivity book says, “Art Vaark Included!” Plus, some sculptures are made of people (or pigs.) Chapter 56 24th Ave NW and NW 80th St We had a new exciting playground that is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Chapter 57 24th Ave NW and NW 83rd St We have loose paper. Chapter 58 NW 85th St and 22nd Ave NW We are excited about community helpers and garbage trucks rattling down the street! Chapter 59 NW 85th St and 20th Ave NW Our classroom is northwest, and Viewlands Elementary is also northwest. Chapter 60 15th Ave NW and NW 85th St Across and Down are the crossword puzzle directions. Chapter 61 Holman Rd NW and Mar Meridian Ave N When showing a vertex’s remaining connections, you connect the dots. If you make a mistake, double tap a vertex to clear it’s connections. Chapter 72 Meridian Ave N and N 103rd St Suggesting about friend, in the word lie, you do this: change the -ie into a y and add -ing. Chapter 73 College Way N and N 97th St By the time they came through, we had two non-playing-visitors. Chapter 74 N 92nd St and Corliss Ave N In 5:55.28 they solved a Wednesday crossoword puzzle. Chapter 75 NE 95th St and 1st Ave NE Ms. Gloria said that C37369N went on top of the sidewalk. Chapter 76 Northgate TC (NE 103rd St and 3rd Ave NE) 38 is a multiple of 19. 68 is a multiple of 34. 34 is a multiple of 17. Chapter 77 Roy’s Dirty Shirt Roy’s shirt was dirty so we put it in a Ziploc bag and wrote “ROY’S DIRTY SHIRT”. We put a new shirt on him. Chapter 78 Jonas’s Sneezy Shirt in Viewlands Elementary School Jonas had a sneezy shirt in Viewlands Elementary School so he put a new shirt on. Chapter 79 Angel Lake We look at so many things. Chapter 80 Friday Northgate Mall Jonas and his Dad left at two o’clock and said goodbye at the fence. Chapter 81 Wednesday Seattle Childrens Jonas and his Dad left at 12:45 and said goodbye at the fence. Chapter 82 Wednesday Tacos After Wednesday Tacos, teachers have a meeting after lunch Chapter 83 Wednesday Chili After Wednesday Chili, teachers have a meeting after lunch. Chapter 84 Arrival Time After a two-week break parents leave and teachers say do not worry it is okay. But do not be mad at each other when someone else is using the stuff you are making. Chapter 85 Outside Time Running laps has become partof our playground routine. We have found that it is a fun way to get our bodies moving while strengthening our cores and buliding endurance. Running also gives the children an opportunity to set attainable goals for themselves which helps in building confidence. Chapter 86 Ms. Melody We learn about songs and music through Ms. Melody’s DVD’s. This week’s song was Starlight, Starbright and our word focus was “accompany.” After singing as a group, the children volunteered to sing it as a solo or accompanied by the others. Chapter 87 Welcome Julian! Julian joined our class on Monday and was able to jump right into our routines. Here, Julian is playing on the slide with Dominic, Alden and Yuito. The children are excited to have a new playmate and have been very welcoming. Chapter 88 Community Helpers The children run to the fence to greet the garbage, recycling, and compost trucks as they hear them rumbling down the street! Some of the truck drivers put on a show for them,, moving the front loader up and down. Chapter 89 Cooperative Play Roy, Owen and Peter Jandrie found a way to share the hola hoop. All three climbed inside and began to navigate their way around the playground. We heard them communicating with each other as they sped up, slowed down or moved against obstracles. Chapter 90 Fire Drill We had a scheduled fire drill on Tuesday just before pick-up time Since we had warning, we let the kids gather their things, in advance so they would be ready to go home if parents arrived while we were outside. Everybody stayed calm, listened, and stayed with their teachers throughout the fire drill. Chapter 91: Warming Up On Wednesday, we had a surprise fire drill just as kids were settling into arrival time. The kids were quick to line up at the door, leaving their coats and backpacks in their cubbies. To warm-up, we ran laps around the bike path. We are confident that in the event of a real emergency, our students will be prepared. Chapter 92: Impromptu Dance Party Several of the kids wanted to listen to Kenny Loggins’s audiobook, Footloose, during our Family Engagement. When the music started, a dance party broke out! Below, Roy and Jonas are laughing as they cut a rug in the block area. Chapter 93: Classroom Bathtub 10 The 10th classroom bathtub is for good boys and girls. We put on warm water for the good boys and girls to be warmed up. Chapter 94: Roosevelt History In the Roosevelt History, the History is historic in Roosevelt. Chapter 95: Balance Beam We worked very hard and discovered a new balance beam. Chapter 96: Vacuuming The Floor While vacuuming the floor we clean up. If your name is A through L, you will be in Teacher Laurel. If your name is M through Z, you will be in Creative Kids Learning Center Seattle. Chapter 97 Quiet Time At quiet timer i, we play quiet time music and all of you will be very quiet. Chapter 98 Balance beam 2 We had discovered a new balance beam. Chapter 99 Downtown Jonas went downtown after saying goodbye at the fence. Chapter 100 Balance Beam 3 “Go, Mia, go!” Dominic cwlands, Jonas asked, “Teacher, will you turn off the DVD’s?” “Yes I will,” said Teacher Laurel. Chapter 102 House Area Artemis this week created a Hair Salon in the house area. Chapter 103 Feelings and Empathy Sometimes we have big empathy feelings. Chapter 104 Block Area Jonas told Ms. Becky, “We are turning the block area into a bathtub to make a BIG SPLASH.” Chapter 105 Mini Faces and Firing Umis Mini faces and firing Umis are different color things. Chapter 106 What Are Out Of Service And To Terminal Like? Those two mean there is no people riding on a bus. “Out of service” is another word for “to terminal.” Terminal means “the end.” like buses or trains. Chapter 107 Our History While struggling into early dismissals, we think buses that broke down are buses that broke down is that you are a hundred percent correct. Plus we had the COVID-19 Pandemic March 11 last year so that means we need to stay 6 feet apart and put on our masks. Remember: masks required. Chapter 108 Trees and Forests Bruno and Kibby are looking at trees and forests plus found lots of berries that were not good to eat. Chapter 109 Flying In The Sky With Balloons and Balance Beam 4 We discovered a new balance beam and we floated in the sky with 29 balloons. Plus in the end, during our transition between arrival time and message board time, Cherry, Annalise, and Kahyliah moved the star from our daily routine board. Jonas told Owen, “we are going outside.” Owen said, “Jonas you are you just trying to trick me? We don’t go outside before message board.” Ms. Gloria said, “we do the same thing everyday, like a pattern.” Owen saidaughed and said, “I am just kidding.” THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING SCHOOL YEAR! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! The End This book was made the year (Jonas Y.) me the auth, “yeah its just like pattern.” Jonor I was born. The Camping Version by Jonas Y. Extra link! hairpreseantalbathforkidspeekingunderneath.com/books/sally-nick “Big room for Nick and Sally, huh?” asked the cat. Bad luck Nick and Sally are sad and disappointed because their new toy had ran out of batteries. They went up really high. They went down because of the water problem. So they all went all the way down, until Things 1 and 2 came! Then they went back up, with Thing 1 and Thing 2. After disliking water problems, the Cat in the Hat got a fishbowl for Fish and was in a bake sale. They baked muffins, pies, apples, and cookies. They went on a camping trip with cats A B and C and Things 1 and 2. The flower was a little wet. Then, after disliking water problems, they were trying to get another flower for Fish. The EFHILTil liked the art they had made. They were nice and warm now. Then, cat B pitched their tents when they were shocked. But, Cat C had no WI-FI! “I think he wants to take a picture of the sunset,” they said. They all shouted, “OUR TENT!” Fish screamed. “IT WILL BE DARK SOON!” “WHERE SHOULD WE SLEEP!!!???” They had an idea. They Should Rebuild A Tent. But how do they rebuild a tent? Hmm. Maybe we’ll come back to that.

FACT: Make a path through the sky. Make sure to avoid the clouds and the Mad Cow. HINT: Help the Pigeon escape the Mad Cow. Make sure to avoid the trees and the broken bridge! But first, color the forest! They decided to use sticks and everything that is blue to make a bed. Then everyone said goodnight to everyone. While back to Ballard, they thought about flying. Then they all had a goodnight sleep. Have they heard about the F and the J key? The F and the J key have little bumps so you can feel them. Plus there was JaFe. JaFe like art. Out of service and to terminal mean the end like trains or buses because there are no people riding on it and in plus and bus and plus on. HINT: If you cannot type Spanish words, you can ask a grown-up to help you view your keyboard layout. They went back to the Thingamijigger. The Thingamijigger is called a Thingamijigger. So they made a raft. They sang Row, Row, Row Your Raft. They had a ladder. Fish is such a good swimmer. They had helped. Sally and Nick swam and swam. So, they had not made it up yet. “Now Sally and Nick, take one last picture,” said the Cat in the Hat. “Thanks for going on a camping trip with us,” said Sally and Nick. “And all cats A B and C are done fixing it,” said Fish. The End Animal Adventures 2017 by Sally Kellew illustrated by Nick McUlden www.keysjinglingbooks.com.org/xer9g5

Power Ball, 30,000,000, Mega Millions, 68,000,000, LOTTO, 3.3,000,000, HIT5, 450,000, MATCH4, 10,000, PICK3, 500, and Daily Keno, 500,000. George, Compass, Hundley, Gnocchi, Jumpy, Charkie and Blaze had fun playing with each other at Endless Park. At 1937, Hundley began to play in a band and play at Endless Park with his freinds. In 2015, George made instruments with recycling. “Whoa!” said the man with the yellow hat when Compass, the almost-homing pigeon was going on top of the cheese-and-pepperoni pizza.

George, the monkey chattered. “I was thought an almost-homing pigeon was on top of the cheese-and-pepperoni pizza, but I was afraid he’d sneak in this homing house,” added the man. Okay, you open the door, and I’ll catch him, George. There. George, he needs to go home. This just isn’t a good home for pigeons.” “Oh,” sighed George. Ah!” Or he could turn their home into a good home for pigeons! This called for research. So the pigeon made his choice–a tree. George can make a tree because it was his choice and because you never know when you might need it at all and all the time right in your whole life! Unfortanetly, unfamiliar things happened. “The Word You Are Searching For Is Space Ranger, Lunchbox or Toy, T-O-Y! Toy! Toy Is The Word You Are Searching For,” said the Man With the Yeller Hat. “LUNCHBOX!!!???” screamed George in relief. FOR LUNCH!!!???” The saw a girls play are and a boys play are. “Oh, only 1 left!” cried Andy’s mom. Last present. Just then, incwoorporation accesabillity came along to them. “Hey, Woody, what were you doing under the bed?” asked Slinky. “Nothing,” said Woody. I was just thinking that Andy was just a little bit excited.” Woody ate a bit of spoonfuls that are shaped of tiny, little, reddy bits of hexagons. (just about 26-54 of them.) Buzz Lightyear ate a bit of Honey-O’s (23-27 of them.) Andy’s mom ate a few bit of oat crunch cereal (just about 25-34 of them.) Pinkerton thought his pet cat licked itself because it smelled good and tasted good! And he lost his first tooth when we were watching Endless Reader T-U. Only one logical way that he was a lot more excited about this. The It was time for the AFBC, so RS86 brought together to practice. George tried to explain that he was leading an all-animal band, just like their FHB. George loved going to MDS. The woman over speakers said, “MDS will close in 5 minutes. Please make your purchases now.” MDS is now closed. Please find your way to the exit. At EP, George played with Hundley. EN 1-25, EN 26-50, EN 51-75, and EN 76-100 coutned the EN carnival and ferris wheel. ELAALL 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, 46-50, 51-55 and 56-60 were at the ELAALL vehicles with wheels. EWP1, EWP2, and EWP3 got all spelling movies. ES A-C, D-K, L-P, and Q-Z spoke Spanish. ER A-B, C-D, E-F, G-H, I-M, N-P, Q-S, T-U and V-Z used “sight words.” EMA played music. EA A-G, H-Q and R-Z made the ABC’s a lot more fun! It was not so bad. Taking mail was a crime. 5? 5 was first 1st. George decided to move the Number 5 train first 1st. All George he had to do was move the Number 5 train 1st first. The ALARM was changed to the BEAUTIFUL, CAMOFLAGE, DECORATE, ELECTRICITY, FAMISHED and GRACEFUL. They got fast work. The ZJQX requested the stop. They took the ZJQX. Hmm. Okay…. Just at least making a mistake, the things you know dosen’t mean into trouble, dosen’t mean you can’t know, even to the tiniest details only making leads to trouble, dosen’t no matter not what you like and you are like and you’re like to make it on time to be inside the mood for trouble. They thought it used to be in….. trouble.

The End This was the book in nearly 97 years ago. This is the end! End! The end! Alphablocks Birthday Club Decorations (ABCD) by Steve Frebokkcs illustrated by Nick Frebokkcs For more books, visit sallynickbooks.com/alphablocks. Part 1: B and D’s 6th Birthday Party while playing games (See Part 4) First of all, L said, “Well, today is B and D’s birthday today because B and D have the same birthday.” The three alphablocks E, and the two other alphablocks, N and X were hanging out with L. The alphablocks spelled a word called “elenex.” All six alphablocks were trying to submit a crossword. Then they added, “uvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvw.” Then in activity books, they did a BIG ACTIVITY. Then there was an ART CRITIC and a BUS STOP. Played a SCULPTURE GARDEN GAME, and made a SCULPTURE. All the alphablocks, E, L, E, N, E, X, C, A, T, B, I, and N had spelled the word: “elenex catbin.” Both were not the answer for the crossword puzzle. All of the fifty alphablocks celebrated B and D’s birthday plus C made a birthday cake with G on it and got supercalifragilisticexpialidocious balloons that said “happy birthday” on them plus they changed the two alphablock letters A into two trees. Or an egg. Then B and D decided to play music when the other fifty sang happy birthday. “Listen,” all fifty alphablocks said. ¶Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear B and D, happy birthday to you. Yay!¶ After they sang they took attendance and blew the candles of the cake with G and a goat on it. had possibilipeas and some peaquel plus a year that makes the alphablocks happea. Squish is not a number. It said gee whiz at fall. Then they ate some cake that had G on it and some grapes. All 52 alphablocks heard the amber alert from a kid who was lost so they could help it. They entered Elenex in the crossword puzzle, but that is not the answer! Then a dance party started! Also, but how to document that? Binary means: divided into two categories. You can press spell check if you spelled it wrong. At alexaing, they change letters into emojis sometimes. At Kleenex, they have fun dance parties together. You can fix anything you need to fix. Sally and Nick? Hmm. Maybe we’ll come back to that.

Nintendo character who hatches from an egg: Grazy. G-R-A-Z-Y. But that is not the answer! B and D already turned six. They thought that C37369N went on top of the sidewalk. They went in the car and went very fast on Exit 168A. 74 miles to travel? That is really far. The alphablocks help alphablocks find dots and get to the top. Then they listened to Alvvays. Ended: Part 1 Next part: Part 2 Finding I’s Dot O and I were hanging out with each other then I sang her sound. Then P just had popped in then popped out of there. Then two of P came and spelled a word that used O, called “pop.” Then I’s dot had popped. Then I said, “Now O, do not come back until you find my dot.” Then P, C, D and T helped O find I’s dot that spelled cod, cot, pot, cop, and dot. Part 3: Helping H Get To The Top, While back from the Museum of Wonderfully Intresting Life Like Excellent Museum Stuff, H went on top of the hill and told the other 51 alphablocks, “Hi, I am having a hard time getting to the top.” H could do it and spinning, lifting, flipping, and slipping and climbed up the hill. Part 4: Band Music Singa The alphablocks that spelled “band” played music like B and D did on Part 1.

Part 5: Museum Maze With waste management, anything that goes down an outside drain goes to the wastewater treatment plant and water that goes down an inside drain goes to your kitchen.

Part 6: What Did Art Vaark Say? All the alphablocks can do many things. The End BEFORE YOU GO: EXTRA: Alphablocks can hum, ¶hum, hum, hum,¶ alphablocks can sing, ¶la la la and wistle whistle whistle whistle.¶ Now the end